Thursday, December 29, 2011

Survey in Tokyo

Team Tokyo asked people...
 "What makes you smile?" and "What is happiness for you?"

What makes you smile?
When I'm sleeping
When a little and good thing happens

What is happiness for you?
Eating foods as much as I like to
Staying someone that I like or love
Feeling I am needed by someone else

Seeing someone eat delicious foods
Keeping smiling

People were happy to answer these questions!!!

Survey on December 9th in Austria

Team Austria asked people this question!!
What makes you smile?
All the small things (it's difficult to explain but lots of small things...)
The sunshine after a lot of cloudy days
A lot of money
Making friends
Whenever I am with a beatiful woman, I smile, yeah!
When the first snowflakes fall

When I talk with my friends. I'm outside Korea, I miss my friends, I call them, and I smile
    and laugh a lot. 
When I'm with my girlfriend
Pretty dogs (I don't have one and I really want to have one.)
Beautiful weather, nature and city (Whenever I'm traveling in the beautiful weather in the

    beautiful city, it makes me smile.)
All the sweet things
Staying with my friends (If my friends smile, I smile.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

SURVEY DEC.9th in Vancouver

We surveyed people in 3 places downtown Vancoucer!!
The questions we asked were... "What makes you smile?" "What are you passionate about?" "What do you want to say to the world?"

Say your guess on our facebook page!!!

What makes you smile? 
JBeautiful day JSunshine JBlue sky JMy son JYour happy face JYou being here JYou JHappy people JBeautiful people JAnother smile JWhen people treat me in a nice way JWhen people donate to charity JHappiness JLove JLife JHappy coincidences JHappy memories JHappy surprises JThe thought of my husband JMy family JSunny day JMy friends JA lot of money JMy girlfriend JMy husband JKids JTalking with friends JChristmas JFlowers JCandy JPuppy JMusic JDance JDelicious foods JJokes JFunny things

What are you passionate about?
JFamily JCooking JLife JComputers JHelping others JTV JBasketball JPeace JCookies JSocial justice JLiberty JSoccer JPoetry JHiking JPlaying guitar JPeople JThe world  JLearning JLanguage 

What do you want to say to the world?
JBe kind to all wing creatures. JLet's be happy! JStop fighting. JI wish everyone good health, peace of mind's, a warm and safe place to sleep at night! JTry doing the right things. JKeep smiling and stay positive! JEverybody life in peace. JThank you to the loving people. JStop monsanto! We do not need modified food! JMerry Christmas. Spread the love. JGlobal warming is a huge issue. Work it out please! JHello World! JTake care me, please! JDear World, at 12:00 Greenwich time, please all sing Christmas Is by Run DMC. JLive life to your fulleat everyday. JI love you, mommy!!! JBe happy with who you are. JEnd hunter. JBe kind to others. JGo on a new journey everyday. JLook after each other. JHave fun! JI want to see the world clean, no crime, and everybody happy. JPeace be upon you. JSlow down global warming. JBe yourself. JNamaste. JThank you. JBe kind-Spread love-Make peace JI love you, Andre. JI love you, too, Julie. JHave faith. JPeace on Earth JLove, peace and merry Christmas to everyone. JSometimes it takes time to get what you want! JYou are beautiful. Thank you for the trails to hike on, the mountains to ski down and the sunsets to admire. I love you! JFly like angel. JGuys, save thtreese. JIf someday you need to choose between the world and the love, remember... if you choose world, you'll be without love, if you choose love, with it, you'll get the whole world! 

We met a lot of people in Downtown Vancouver, and enjoyed talking with them!  We had a great time together!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello from England!

Great to see what everyone has been doing, here at last are a few snapshots of what the English SUN team got up to on their SUN-day!

 Mohamed ready to get some answers!

 Everyone was happy to answer, really!

 "You can put your answer in the box, like this."

 Uniting Nations!

 What makes them smile?  Having their photo taken!

 And we didn't just record the responses with photos and notes, we also captured a few stars on video!  You can check them out on Facebook, though I'll try to get them up here too. 

Finally, have a look at this - we aren't the only ones thinking about happiness these days.  Another group of students and teachers have set up The Happiness Project, so I've sent them the posters we've made.  You should be able to see them soon, and have a look at what others around the world have created! 

That's all for now, happy holidays everyone, see you in the new year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SUNners in the world - the Video from Austria

Hey, this is so cool!!
We got a Video from Austria!!

I'm so happy that I could see my old friends in the video, as well.
Thank you so much for working on this in Austira, Andi :)

I'm so glad that I could get this Video on the eve of our Global Community Get Together.

We've been working on this event for about 2 months already and the day is finally coming tomorrow. Can you believe that??

SUNners in Vancouver, we really worked hard together on this and now we are strongly connected each other.  2 months ago, we started this from nothing. Now, we got more members here in Vancouver and we also have people who are working for the same event in other countries. And tomorrow, we finally can see what we have been working for. Isn't that cool??

"What makes you smile?"

When you ask people this simple question, they can simply look back their life and find a small happiness in their heart that makes them smile. 
Chocolates, puppies, girl friend/boy friend, family, friends, sunny days, etc..
Whatever it is, when they are thinking of the answer, they start smiling and that makes you also happy, that makes your day special.

We can share this small happiness together in our team, with people in Vancouver and SUNners in other counties tomorrow.

This is so great!!

Ahhh!! Can't wait for tomorrow :)

Bring your biiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile!!

P.S. Anyway, chocolates make me smile, too!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

SUNners in the world!!

This message is from the SUN project team in Tarragona, Spain.


We are a group of different students from Tarragona (Spain), a small city near Barcelona. 

I knew by kat the creation from this project and is so interesant for me, because i'm studying social and cultural animation and this cause could help me in my work.

we are too interested in create a team here in our city for two motives:

1) we are very implicate in social projects
2) We believe the world can (and need) change.

 I hope to connected with us,



I'm so glad to know that the people in other city are also working on this project to spread smiles in their community. They have their own Spanish blog for this project, too.【



Have your say in the global conversation!!

What are you going to do in your community??

Poster Making Party!!

See all photos

Hey World,

The day of our first international event is finally coming!! How's everything going??
We all are excited about the day.

We had a Poster making party on last Friday. We made a lot of sings and boxes.

The signs really worked when we had a trial survey last time; they helped us a lot to attract people and have more confident to go and talk to people.

The boxes are for collecting papers that people write their answer on. We are planning on having 3 groups on DEC9, so one question(one box) for each group.

We made signs say
- What makes you smile?
- What are you passionate about?
- What do you want to say to the world?
- Have your say in the global conversation!!

And we wrote the answers for those questions from the last trial survey around the boxes, so that people who answers the question can see the answers as examples.

We also put a big poster says "What makes you smile?" on the wall of one of our Vancouver campus.

We already got many cool answers on the paper from students in our school!! 

- My friends make me smile
- 'Thank you' makes me smile
- My family
- Chocolate
- My boyfriend makes me smile <3

Those sweet answers on the "Happiness Wall" made me smile and they made my day!!
Thank you so much for your sweet answers.

There is 
that would take away my smile.


Let's share your smile with the world!!